Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh the places you will go!

Our little princess started a new adventure this week: preschool! Harper attended preschool two years ago for a short time to help with her gross motor skills but last year I kept her home with me! 

This year preschool feels like a much bigger deal. She's at a school that is not affiliated with our church. It's the first time I feel like I've sent her into the world! Crazy, right? 

I do love her school though. She has the same teacher that our son had 10 years ago! At Open House, Harper was so excited to find her name on the table along with brand new crayons!! It's the little things, right? 

The first day was Tuesday but due to an upper respiratory infection she missed. Harper finally made it to school later in the week. She walked in like she owned the place! Harper immediately found a friend and started playing and I left her there without any tears from either of us!!

Before school started, I was looking forward to hours of quiet a couple times a week. Harper's school days are 3 hours long but about 2 hours into the day, I was MISSING her like crazy!!! 

I adore my kids and I enjoy being with them. I know Harper will benefit from being with her peers and the structure of school. I, however, will have to learn what to do with my time! This is just the beginning and I look forward to seeing how God grows and uses our girl for His kingdom! 
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Today was a good day...

This quote speaks truth. Some people make my smile bigger and my life better. Today was a rare day of calm and laughter in the sea of busyness that has become my life. The day started off early. The little princess woke at 5:30am. I immediately dreaded the day ahead of me. I could not see how my day could unfold in any way that would leave me feeling the way I do right now. In my humble opinion, today has been a "God wink". One of those moments that happen and you realize that the only way possible is by God.

I started my day spending quality time with the Lord. I'm fresh off a spiritual high from the movie War Room. If you have not seen it. Go. No, seriously go right now. I approached my prayers this morning with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit. (I want to do a post about the movie and the application that I took from it but I don't have time right now.)

This morning after spending time with two of my favorite men (Jesus & Brian), I was able to visit with a friend and our kids played. One of my daughter's best friends is a little boy and I am crazy about this boy's mom. She is one of those people who I can let see all my sides. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Those people are hard to come by. Unfortunately, this summer was very busy and August hasn't let up so today was the first day we had really been able to sit together and chat. It was nice. I love those people who you can be with for awhile and when you leave your heart has been refueled. You know what I mean, right? Our kids play well together too and when it was time to go Harper did not throw a tantrum. Huge WIN! 

Harper tried new foods at lunch. She took a 3 hours nap! During ballet my child may have gotten moved for trying to help her friend who was refusing to dance but I had the best laugh that my girl was being moved away from her friends already. My girl is going to get in trouble so I'm thankful that she was being disciplined for being helpful and not a bully. More WINNING!

My man child asked me to sit next to him at the table while he did his homework. I had no idea how to do his homework so I tried to walk away. He said, "Please sit with me Mom. I'm sorry that it's taking so long but I want you here." Did you read that? He asked me to sit so I'd be near him!!!!! My heart almost leaped out of my chest! I would've sat for days! WIN! At 13, the quality time doesn't happen as easily as it does with the 3 year old. I have to be available when he wants and sometimes I miss the sign. But today, I was there and my phone was in another room! Thank you, Jesus! 

My son is at his Dad's. My daughter is with my parents. (Another topic for another day.) My hubby is at work. I sit here reflecting on my wonderful day. I was so unworthy of this day. Y'all, yesterday at my house was rough. I was ugly. I treated these three people, that I am so fortunate to do life with, like yesterday's garbage. I was grumpy because I wanted to nap and when my boys went to the gym the dog woke me up and Harper. I was nasty about not getting a nap and not being able to find my fake pumpkins. What on earth is wrong with me? No nap and no pumpkin and I act like I had never seen the inside of a Bible and used my mouth like a Sailor! It was really sad. I have to seek forgiveness from my people so often that I am surprised they still love me but they do. I had to ask God to forgive me for tossing his blessings aside like they don't matter.I had to ask my family to forgive me because I know my actions hurt them.  It's shameful. But grace abounds and His mercy is new every morning. I should've been given a very terrible not so good day.

Yet my God doesn't work like that, I said my apologies to him and to those I love. Today, I'm going to bed knowing I gave this day my all and this day was so good to me. post signature

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just say "yes"...

Sunday, Brian and I taught our adult LifeGroup for the very last time. I've been reflecting on all the things that happened through this class. I've witnessed couples come to have greater marriages. My trust in God has grown exponentially and it's hard to even really explain it. There are sweet friendships that would have never happened had it not been for this class. 

The greatest blessing I received, because I said "yes" to God when he asked me to teach this class, was Cooper Williams. 

I never would've fallen in love with this baby had I not said "yes". Cooper's story didn't end the way I wanted but praying every day for those two shorts months that I knew him changed me for the better as a person and as a Christian. 

Sometimes saying "yes" to something God is asking of you is difficult. It pushes us outside our comfort zones. But the blessings are too many to count. I didn't know that Harper having hypotonia would ever be a story I would use to help another Momma but I prayed for an opportunity to share our story. Sweet Cooper went to his Heavenly home earlier this summer but I'll say "yes" over & over to the opportunities God gives me if it means helping others. 

This life isn't meant to be spent alone. Go along somebody and help them carry their burdens & their blessings. I cried on Sunday as we said our "see you laters" it's who I am, but so thankful for the journey.