Sunday, December 28, 2008

Confessions... December 28, 2008

I have been debating on blogging for quite awhile now so I find myself here with so much in my head that I would like to pen yet not really sure where to start.

Christmas this year was a wonderful time, not because I received the perfect gifts (although I did) or because Ryan was so appreciative of each gift he opened (he truly was). It was a wonderful Christmas because my grandfather, Papa, was told on Christmas Eve that he would be coming home on December 26th.

Let me back up a bit.... December 11, I was working an event at a school and my Papa suffered a massive heart attack. For two weeks, he was in CCU @ Redmond Regional. He experienced lots of "issues" and I began to feel that his coming home in the literal sense would not happen. I have a very strong faith and I know that when his death occurs I will see him again in Heaven. Yet my human self will not handle his death well. I have been my Papa's "Sweetie Pie" for 30 years so day after day while he was in Rome, I was scared. When I heard he would be home, I just could not believe it. As I celebrated the wonderful news, I went to The Throne of my God to say thank you for what I believe is a miracle.

As we put 2008 to a close, I have so much to be thankful for. I re-married in October to Brian Shoemaker of Birmingham, Alabama. As a wedding present, he gave me The Family You Always Wanted by Chapman. The title sums up how I feel about Brian, Ryan, and I- The Family I Have Always Wanted. I look forward to being able to pen about our life and other confessions but for now... that's all.