Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mommy Brain

Dear Lord! I have been a "stay at home mom" for two and a half months, and I swear to you I cannot remember anything! I am always looking for my keys, my shoes, my you name it and I'm looking for it. I used to run a very successful retail store, hello, I can barely run my home now! I have conversations with my seven year old son about "what if", "what now", "would you rather".. and other than the dog these guys are all I talk to. Would you rather is not as fun as it sounds. It is "would you rather be Ironhide or Megatron". Seriously, I do not care what transformer I am... Or "what if the moon fell". Son, we are out of luck "if" the moon falls. "momma, how did that llama get across the 'pond' "... There are times I think I cannot take the questions but I have these conversations because there is nothing else to talk about. So I get around other adults and it's like a drug. I cannot shut up! I have to ask questions and talk like I might not have the option to ever talk again. It really makes me laugh. So if you see me driving down the road and I'm talking, please just stop me and talk to me- I NEED IT!