Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Beck's Biggest Loser Competition

So today marked the beginning of a The Beck's Biggest Loser Competition. The contestants are John and Brian and I. Not a very big group but I know that I need to lose weight for sure. I had the absolute pleasure of being a size 2/4 during my teenage years until I was about 25. My weight at the point started going up but nothing to be alarmed about.

Well, I met my wonderful husband almost two years ago and let me tell you something I have gained a TON of weight. The only other time that I have ever weighed this much I was pregnant with Ryan. This competition will go between now and Christmas Eve. The prize is bragging rights. Let me say that if I beat my dad, I will be so proud of myself. He and I have such an odd relationship anyway so to whoop him would give me such great joy!

Don't wish me well in the contest or waist your time feeling sorry for me. I allowed myself to get here and I will do something about it. I hiked both days this weekend and let me tell you I am PUMPED!

Of course, I will keep you posted. This should be fun.