Monday, December 7, 2009

The Sweetest Moments...

Saturday morning marked a new beginning for Ryan. The Upward Basketball season began! He was thrilled and nervous all wrapped up in one. He "started" the game (which to me was a big deal) and played most of the game. He felt the need to guard offensively and defensively. One of the most hilarious sights I have seen.

There are times that I feel like I am one of "those" moms... No, not the bad mom type. The great mom type that other moms appreciate. Ryan and I have a relationship unlike most. He is my buddy and he still loves to be loved on in public, at home, wherever. And I cherish that. Well, during the game, Ryan took lots of shots but only made one goal. I was immediately out of my seat, on my feet, and screaming "Congrats!". The mom next to me leaned over and said, "Did you see Ryan turn to look for you?" Of course, I did! In fact, he was still cheering with me. I was a little saddened for some of the other kids. I was the only mom who got off her chair and on her feet for their child. Oh well!

I think we actually lost the game. But it didn't matter to Ryan or I. He had a blast and he scored. If you know anything about how our baseball season went you know this is a huge deal. Basketball will not be painful like baseball was and I look forward to it!

As Brian says, perhaps we have a future Tarheel on our side. Wouldn't that be nice!