Monday, July 12, 2010

Answered Prayers

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matthew 21: 22

The past few months (6 months and 3 weeks or so) have been the hardest of my life in so many many ways. Yet, I felt God's hold on me more so than I have ever before. I have always believed in the power of prayer. Always. A youth minister taught me early on that God cared about every single detail in my life and that I should pray about the small stuff as well as the big stuff and trust that God would hear my cry.
So as I have gone throughout life, I have prayed about it ALL. However, I have never hit my praying knees so hard begging God to hear me, begging God to stop the hurt and answer my prayers. I had no idea in what ways God would answer my prayer. I had no idea how he would work in my life. I could not have envisioned this in any way, shape or form. Hang tight with me as I share my testimony and let me go back to the first day of kindergarten for Ryan as I show you how God used years, circumstances, and moves to get me exactly where he needed me to be so I could be absolutely certain that God was present in my life and answering my prayers.

We were blessed with an awesome teacher, Mrs. Vosburgh. But I met a friend in that classroom, Dede Evans. To this day she probably has no idea how her friendship those early years at CPS blessed me. She and I have never been best friends but through our "Room Mom" duties she became a confidant and someone I knew I could depend on for prayer. Well, at the end of our Kindergarten and First grade loop, we were on a Zoo field trip and God had already been working in my heart about visiting First Baptist. It just so happened that on the field trip Dede mentioned to me about visiting First Baptist. So we did. And so we realized upon entering the doorway of First Baptist that very first time that we had come home. We knew very few people there but spiritually we were exactly where God wanted us to be. We joined a Sunday School class and became invovled. Then in the fall God called us to move again, this time not churches but Sunday School classes. Since moving back to Cartersville, a constant prayer of mine had been Godly friends and moving Sunday School classes placed us in a class with others our age and right smack in front of one of the most precious women I have ever known, Alison. Little did I know that I would become a blessing to her in much the same way she has been to me. Well, in attempt to shorten a very long story, Alison was a teacher in Awana and needed a break so I stepped in and if you read my facebook pages you already know what a blessing Awana is to me. Little did I know, the Lord would use all of these moves and people to put me right where He needed me to be when he would change my heart and answer my prayer.

At the beginning of this summer, God began to say that I could put off my dreams of finishing school and becoming a psychologist. As I said to my dad many times when he doubted that I could tackle my dreams "there was plenty of time for me to become a PhD". God was now telling me that there would also be plenty of time to say "not right now" to this dream and focus on what my family needed most- a job. I wanted my summer with Ryan and then I was perfectly content to look hard for a job. Well, God (as he always does) delivered big time. Parents that I met through serving in Awana had a job opening in their office and wanted me, little ole me to step into this administrative position. The position would start two weeks before school began. Could the timing be perfect? It's also important to say that I had other interviews and offers this summer but nothing felt right. As I interviewed with the Meadows, I thought this is it!

And God answered my prayer! Being able to look back and see how this prayer has unfolded has been such a gift. God is good all the time. He may not act in our time but He will act in His. Just be ready to listen because he will ask you to move, and move again until He has us exactly where he wants us and then he says "here you go." I am absolutely certain that God is in the midst of my circumstances. I don't care how painful this year has been or how different I want life to be. God is here with me and while there is still so much uncertainty with Brian's job search I know that He is here in my midst and I would walk this path I have walked all over again. The great part is that now I get to share with someone else- MY ANSWERED PRAYER!