Monday, September 27, 2010

The Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

As I sat yesterday listening to the guest pastor at our church, I thought to myself about my own personal struggle with salvation and how great it felt years ago to nail down my salvation. I had thought before and even discussed with Brian that my baptism and my salvation were out of order. In my youth, I was a social butterfly but as an adult I am a very shy and reserved person. And to walk down to the alter was going to take God making me go to the altar. I had spent time talking with Brian for some time about the decision to get my baptism in the right order but didn't pray much about it because I knew what God would say.

As I listened yesterday to the pastor, I asked for peace that I was saved. God granted me peace. But during the altar call, God said "go and get this in order". I could feel him showing me how important this was. I stood for moments thinking not today. I don't want to go. Luckily, the sermon was on things the Devil would say to keep us from answering God's call. So I walked and was welcomed by open arms of our adult pastor who was thrilled! And I realized how great this step was going to be for my walk and my life and my testimony.

When I told Ryan of my decision, he wanted me to explain how this could happen. And then he was touched that I had chosen a date when he could be there to watch. He also said he would cheer "That's my Mom!!!" after I was baptized.

I am proud of myself for finally making this decision. It took stepping out in my faith and I know that God will honor my obedience.