Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Precious Moments

At the height of a prednisone mood swing yesterday, I received the most precious text message. My friend, Alison, forwarded a picture of the ultrasound of her baby WAVING! It was awesome! It is hard to believe I can care so much about a little baby that isn't mine and that I've never met. But as a Sunday School class and as friends, this is a baby we have prayed diligently about. This Baby is special. Baby Blanton is a modern day miracle. It was a precious moment seeing the bean that is Baby Blanton.

This precious moment was followed by an evening of "babysitting" my Papa. My grandmother needed to go to the funeral home. I happened to be there anyway and she asked me to stay. See, he really isn't alone much anymore.

(I am passionate about my relationship with the Lord and I am pumped that he is more passionate about meeting MY NEEDS. My grandfather is dying and God is saying take all those memories you already have and I am going to multiply those memories in his last days. Papa and I laughed, teared up, and just enjoyed being together. )

To those with no faith, my heart aches for them. How do they manage? Because when I feel like giving up (often) I bury my head in the chest of Jesus and I just stay there until it all feels better. When I can't pray, I sit at his feet until the words flow. God is amazing. He knew what I needed without me asking for it and said here is your "moment". He winked at me.

Does he wink at you? Look at your life. Really look at it. Has anything unexpectedly happened that just made your day? Maybe God was winking at you.