Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am generally a really happy go lucky kind of girl! However, on average of twice a year my asthma flares up and prenisone is the only thing that works quickly to ease the tightness in my chest. Well, I'm on my second time this year and I'm in the "ZONE!"

First of all, it makes me CRAZY! Literally, nuts. Hard to manage the mood swings. I'm beginning to think that I may get divorced, lose all my friends, and be fired from my job. I'm treating everyone horribly. So sad! But at the same time it is comical. I really just have to laugh at myself. I feel myself in this bad mood and it's like the angels are sitting on my shoulders (you know, the devil one side, and the good angel on the other). My Guardian Angel is saying "look at yourself? is this really you? " And the Devil is saying, "Do it! Be mean! Come on, don't feel bad for how you responded to that guy at work." See- I'm GOING NUTS!

Luckily, I only have 3 doses left. Maybe Brian won't leave me, maybe my friends love me anyway, and maybe my boss will forgive me. And most importantly maybe God will forgive me for not being my best. I'm certain that God is laughing at me. He does have a great sense of humor after all.