Monday, December 6, 2010

Good News!

I had almost reached the end of my rope with trying to get someone in my family to listen to me about getting my grandfather at home care. The frustration had taken over my grief. And then, I prayed begging God to soften my grandmother's heart and I spoke with a friend who works in hospice who mentioned the idea of him meeting my Dad so he could educate my dad. Brilliant! We had talked about this before but never had it occurred to me the way it did yesterday that this actually may be the way to go.

Nervously, this morning I called my Dad to mention this to him. He was like "yes" let's do this. He also suggested calling his brother into this meeting as well. I cannot wait! My grandfather needs help and I am so thankful for friends who care enough to continue to push the issue and pray with me.

I'm not praying for a cure for my grandfather. I am praying for quality of life. I am begging God to show me that He is here with me and that help is coming.

For the first time in weeks, I am expectant and hopeful of how God is about to blow us away through the care my grandfather is going to receive.