Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet Visits...

I spend most of my time on my blog chatting about how I feel about the cancer that my grandfather, Grady Beck is enduring and very little time talking about my other grandparents, Jean and Urby Tatum. Or as I like to call them- Nana and Grandaddy.

But I want to dedicate this blog post to them and them alone. You see, I am blessed beyond measure when it comes to the love and devotion these two have shown me over my life and added the bonus of seeing how crazy they are about Ryan just makes me love them even more!

Last week when I came home on Thursday after work, I found my Grandaddy slaving away in my yard with the leaves! He wasn't working hard because he had nothing else to do. He was working hard because he knew that my house looking its best for the Christmas party we were hosting this past Saturday was important to me. He wanted to help me! He shows love through his acts of service for us. He is an amazing and gentle man! When I got to the house, he was standing by his truck freezing to death but waiting there to see me. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

The following day, Ryan was sent home from school sick and later in the morning diagnosed with strep throat. UGH! We rush through Publix after getting his medication for vomitting field and I forgot to get medicine for his fever. So I called my Nana who promptly left her house (where it was warm) to help me. And again on Saturday, she came to my aid to bring Ryan the Taco Bell he so desired.

To say without these two that I would be lost is an understatement. I know when I need help, that they will be there with open arms and no questions asked. I know they love me and my boys unconditionally.

I am bless beyond what I deserve and I hope that they know just how proud I am to call them my grandparents.