Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting in to the swing of things!

School started back yesterday after a week off for the snow. I still have no idea if we are making up that time or not. I hope not. I like my time off with Ryan. I enjoy snuggle time and making memories and having one of our days taken to go to school is just pookie!

Monday night, we had basketball practice and then hit the ground running preparing for school on Tuesday morning. I laid out his sweater and jeans and reminded him that it was his job to walk to dog in the mornings. Well, low and behold, he woke up got shoes and his jacket on and walked the dog. He put his outfit on and was ready to go.

I made a New's Year Resolution to send Ryan to school with a healthy breakfast and more often than not something WARM. I have been pretty good about this. I made this sausage pinwheel things and cooked those for his breakfast. And this morning he wanted a donut (we had made a stop at Dunkin Donuts). I believe in life you must pick your battles so he got a donut AND a scramble egg. He ate every bite.

Our lives are rapidly changing and I am clinging to these precious days. He tried to not give me a kiss today when he got out of the car but I told him he had to so he did. What is a Mom to do when her little boy is too big for Mommy kisses? I mean I can in good humor kiss my 15 year old before he walks into school, can I? Ahhh. He is 8 and a half and daily I can see him sprout more independence.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

I am confident in what Brian and I have taught him. He is a sweet, tender hearted, God fearing little boy. I just like him being a little boy. Oh well, things change.