Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

2010 was a year of trials, tribulations, and celebrations:

  • January- Brian turned 36 and 4 days later he lost his job after 13 years of being with the same company.
  • April- we spent a fantastic week in Cocoa Beach, Florida with my family and even enjoyed a fews day at Ron Jon Surf Resort.
  • May- Ryan and I had birthdays; he turned 8 and I turned 31. We celebrated Mother's Day and I was reminded of how precious it is to be his mother!
  • July- After struggling financially for six months and neither of us working, Tony and Debra Meadows offered me a job at their company Meadows Heating & Air.
  • July- (Maybe even June), Nichole and her son Cody made the trek from Colorado to see us. We had a Wilson family gathering and it was such a fun time! I don't see her often so I like to soak up what time I do have with her.
  • August- After being a Christian for over a year, Ryan follows that decision with Believer's Baptism at our Celebration Service at church. He was baptized at the foot of the cross in a hot tub! (a little bit red neck and a whole lot of praise to the Lord for answering this prayer)
  • August- Brian was hired on after 8 months of no employment at SunTrust. He is starting at the bottom of the ladder but we are thankful to both be gainfully employed.  
  • October- The time had come that I needed to get my baptism and salvation in order. I had the great priviledge of being baptized by my friend's husband, David Blanton. 
  • October- Brian and I celebrated two years of marriage.  
  • November- the news came that my Papa's cancer had spread (again). This discovery brought with it the realization that our time with him is extrememly limited. The time is NOW to gather around him to make memories and to make the most of this time.
  • November- My Florida family came for Thanksgiving! We celebrated Thanksgiving with tons of food, a trip to the aquarium, and an early Christmas gift exchange.
  • December- Tis the season for busyness and sickness. Ryan had strep throat which was awful and caused us to miss our annual ABF Christmas party. We lost one of Brian's heros, his grandfather died suddenly right after Christmas. We celebrated Papa's 85th birthday, attended a couple Christmas parties, and celebrated Christmas with a white Christmas which was the perfect reminder of how Jesus Christ came to wash us white as snow.
At our church's Christmas Eve service, Brian and I were asked to record a video for the song, "It's Gonna Be All Right" talking about struggle this year. I felt often like we were suffering in silence.I felt completely alone on this long and horrible journey.  

I really should have written down, then during those times that Satan was attacking me, this list that I just wrote down. Man, at the awesome times we had in 2010. Sure there was pain and suffering but there in the midst of all of that GOD CAME NEAR! He was there!

I have a lot of New Year's Resolutions that I will share maybe in another post. But for now, I am going to reflect on how amazing my Heavenly Father is.