Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Baby...

We are having a baby! As you can read in our blog, we found out Jan 11 during the "snowcation". I was writing my blog and saving it in Word as we awaited the day that we would tell everyone. We thought Jan. 22, would be this day but Jan 20 our first prenatal appt rocked us to our core and God was bringing us and our friends to our knees again. You see according to science, we should have been about 6w4d or so but we were not even 5 weeks.

Our options were that our baby had either stopped growing or our dates were way off. Believing in the power of prayer, we were determined to join with our family and our friends in prayer praying that this baby would be okay and that God would shine through us as we faced this journey. We learned after a couple rounds of blood work that my progesterone level was extrememly low but my HCG levels were rising. I was promptly put on progesterone and told to keep my appointment on Jan 27, 2011.

Thursday afternoon we headed to Dr. Phillip's office. As I laid there during my ultrasound, I could not see the screen and the tech wasn't saying anything. Brian had NO IDEA what he was looking at (later I discovered that this was because the baby had changed so much in 7 days). I was praying and waiting, as I lay there. All of a sudden I hear, "beat, beat, beat". I was like WHOA! Is that the heartbeat? The tech said, "yes ma'am." When she was done with all of her measurements she turned it back on again so we could hear this most precious sound.

Then we had to wait on our doctor. Unlike the previous week when he was very mellow, he almost skipped into the office telling us "Congrats! Your baby looks great!" Our dates are crazy whacky off and dont' make much sense but as Dr. Phillips said "sometimes they just don't." I told him that we had our inner circle praying for us and his response was "it worked." Yes my dear friends, IT WORKED.

Baby Shoemaker's estimated due date is Septemer 22, 2011. We are still in the very early stages. We are asking that you join us as we pray for our baby and this pregnancy. Stay tuned for more baby updates and forgive me as some of the blogs are written directly to Baby.