Sunday, January 30, 2011

Written January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

I had known for two whole days that I was pregnant but of course I had to test again just to make sure- still positive! I thought all day about the baby and what it would be like to be a Mom again. I cried tears of uncertainty because asking yourself all the “what ifs” questions will kill you. But I wonder “what if you are born with cleft lip or palate?” or “what if… “ but you know what- SO WHAT. God is my shelter and strength in times of uncertainty and just like with Ryan, I rocked that journey and I will rock being your Momma too. God is my guide and I have prayed for you LONG before God granted me the answered prayer of becoming your Momma.

So I couldn’t wait! We invited Gic Gic and Grandpa over for dinner and I had framed a picture of Ryan and poem about the baby. They both cried. We all cried. God is good. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival and every day I get more and more excited. I haven’t even seen you or felt you yet and I already know you are just precious and fantastic. I pray asking God daily to bury his word and a desire for Him deep in your heart. I love you, precious little one.