Sunday, January 30, 2011

Written January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

Playing the Name Game?

If you are boy your name will Aiden Brooks. I love it. If you are girl, I have no idea. We have tried on several different names and none fit just right! The most recent name, Chloe Elise, I am just not feeling Chloe. It sounds whiny too me. And if you are a girl, you aren’t going to be whiny. I haven’t even met this baby yet but I know that whiney is not a word I will ever use to describe the baby.

When we named Ryan, I knew that I wanted Parker to be his middle name. I wanted to use a family name with him. But his first name I had no idea. I thought we would use Graham but he got here and he didn’t look like a Graham. He was FOR CERTAIN a – RYAN. To this day, we couldn’t have picked a better suited name.

Daddy and Big Brother Ryan think that there are two of you- a boy and a girl. So if they are right, it would be so wonderful to have two but I need names that go together not just start with the same letter.

I am thinking Harper Elise and Aiden Brooks. Harper and Aiden. Not bad. I’m sure I will change my mind. I hope you understand that my ability to name boys like “bam” isn’t because I want a boy, it’s because it’s what I know. Girls and pink frilly things are just unknown to me. I love you all the same but I want a name that when you see it years from now on your wedding invitation that you are proud of. I want you to have a name that you would consider using with your own daughter. You see, Elise is my middle name and for years I wanted to be called Elise so to give this name to you means so much. It also means “born of God”. And the MOMENT, I found out you were in my belly, I gave you back to God. You belong to Him not me. Man, boy or girl or both, I haven’t even felt you nor seen you even on an ultrasound and I would give up my life for you. I love being a Mommy. My cup runneth over.

For I know the plans I have for you declared the Lord Plans to prosper you, plan not to harm but to give you hope and a future.

Having a home full of screaming children is my hope and my future. I cannot wait to see Ryan with you. It’s going to be so much fun.