Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Star Student

I am so proud of Ryan. He has exceled so much this year at school that I want to drive to Dr. Kenneth Kupke's office and tell that moron that when he told me days after birth that he would be learning impaired that he is truly an IDIOT. For the second nine weeks in a row, Ryan has scored all A's on his report card! So proud!

But today, he received the greatest honor- his speech teacher nominated him STAR STUDENT! We were invited to a breakfast where all of t
he star students were honored and each had a letter read out load about each of them. Ryan's letter was great. He is such a hard worker and trooper. He has a great relationship with his speech teacher, Mrs. Southers. I fear this may be our last year with her. I'm not ready for that!

Ryan was so excited about this nomination and award that he invited EVERYONE. My parents and our Nana came along with Brian, Carson, and I. Granted there were other kids with bigger support groups but I doubt anyone was any prouder than I am of Ryan.

In other news, soccer starts this weekend and I cannot wait! It's going to be such a blast watching him on the field! He is playing at Trinity this year instead of Clash and I feel confident that this is the best decision we could have made. His team is full of the cutest kids ever.

We are in the process of planning his 9th birthday party. It's hard to know what to do because this is his last birthday as an only child and we want to do something incredibly special. Any ideas?!?!?!

I love being Ryan's mom. It is such a gift!