Monday, March 21, 2011

Perfect Weekend...

Could the weekend have been any more perfect? Friday night, we had soccer practice followed by a yummy dinner of grilled chicken. Then, on Saturday we had a game and Ryan's best friend Garrison came over for the afternoon. Garrison and Ryan have the same temperment so it is E-A-S-Y when they are together. We pulled out the slip n slide for an afternoon of fun in the sun! I wanted to slide but of course being pregnant, I did not.

Saturday night, we had dinner at my grandparents house with my Uncle Mike who is up from Florida. It was so nice to see him. He also had pictures from where he had met Optimus Prime IN PERSON. Transformers 3 was filmed at Kennedy Space Center where Mike works so he was able to catch the Transformers in person and some of the filming. How cool is that?

After our visit with one set of grandparents, we headed to see the other set. Momar and Papa (Betty and Grady) were so excited to see us. They gave Ryan money on his report card- all A's. We talked about the war against Libya and caught up on each other's lives. They told me how they had prayed for me last week while I was in the hospital. Their faith is unshakeable and I love knowing that they pray for me every day but especially when I am sick and hurting. I hope my own grandchildren admire my faith the way I have admired my grandparents.

Yesterday, was "Come Together" Sunday at church. I think that is code for high attendance day. It was for sure code for "cry" alot in nursery. We had the younger toddlers and had to send two of them back to their parents and we NEVER do that. Oh well. I had one of the sweetest girls, Katie, fall asleep in my lap. Precious. Makes me ready for my own baby.

After church, I took a nap. We went to the grocery store. Then I watched Karate Kid with Ryan. As we were getting ready for bed he said "Can I sleep on the floor in your room?" Of course, you can. I am so in love with Ryan!