Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

SUNDAY is here!

There is no need to have dispair because Sunday is here! My Savior (and I hope he is yours too) rose from the dead. Jesus is not finished though, he will be coming back "in the blink of an eye" to carry us children to Paradise.

Come to Jesus and LIVE!

This Easter weekend has been wonderful. We kicked off the weekend with a Good Friday Service, 7 Cries from the Cross, that was fantastic. I have been praying asking God to show me what my Papa is seeing in Heaven. Thursday night in my dreams, I saw my Papa worshipping our Savior with his hands raised high. (This is something that would only happen in Heaven. He is not much in to raising his hands in praise.) Yet Friday night as our church's pastors and pastors from the community lead us in sermon and song, I was certain that Heaven will be exactly like that and I CANNOT WAIT! Any time God is ready to call me Home, I am ready and willing! Trust me, I've got lots of living left to do here but oh man, I get so excited thinking about Him.

Saturday, we had soccer and a very relaxing day. Then we headed to celebrate a friend's birthday. The weather was perfect. The fellowship was even better.

On Sunday, we woke up ready to worship. I knew the service would be difficult as the choir was singing the "Untitled Hymn" which was one of the songs that was sang at my Papa's funeral. Not to mention this Easter is the first holiday without Papa. (But I think about how awesome his Easter was!) Pastor Randall delivered a great sermon reminding us of the price Jesus paid for us. We ate lunch at my grandmother's with my family.