Monday, April 4, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights: Week 15

I actually reached the 15 week milestone last week on Thursday, March 30. But I didn't post this because it just wasn't on my radar. I was busy visiting with my grandfather on Thursday and on Friday he went home to be with our Savior. Still hard to believe. But he was so thankful for this addition to our family so not posting this week's update just wouldn't be right!

How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of baby: 4 inches long, weighing in at 2 1/2 ounces, the size of an apple!, and baby is busy learning how to breathe
Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 3 from where I started. Not bad for 15 weeks but my bump is HUGE! It's crazy!
Maternity Clothes: Wearing maternity jeans and dresses but normal tops.
Gender: Everyone knows that the guesses have all been "BOY" but on Tuesday, March 29 baby looks like it "may" be a girl! We are waiting until April 29 to paint anything or announce Team Pink or Team Blue

Movement: Feeling some kicks and Ryan says he felt the baby from the outside last night but I doubt it.
What I miss: What I miss today does  not have much to do with this baby. On Friday, April 1, my Papa went home to be with our Lord. I miss him so very very much.

Cravings: nothing
Symptoms: just being tired. I stood up for a long time at my grandfathers visitation in the receiving line and afterwards I was beat

Best Moment this week: Although it makes me sad, the best moment was knowing my Papa is no longer suffering. The body he has now will not fail him.