Friday, April 22, 2011

Show Us Your Life- Staying Organized!

I love the blog Kelly's Korner! Every Friday, she does "Show Us Your Life" post. Today's SUYL post is about O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N.

We are not going to ask Brian or my mother on my organizational skills but I do feel that I am fairly organized person (even if they don't!). I figured I would just give you a list of the things I do, the tools we use, or the website I love to keep me organized.

For our tithe, we use our church's online giving option. No matter what, we could NOT remember to write that check on Sunday mornings. On Pay Day, the very first thing we do when we wake up is tithe. If you are like us and were struggling with this commitment I urge you to follow suit and see if your church website does online giving. At our church you can donate "one time" or "recurring". We do "one time" because neither of us ever earn the same amount.

For Ryan's allowance, we just Dave Ramsey's tools for children. We have to charts on our refrigerator. One is a chart for daily chores and what amount of $ is earned for each. The other has a place for a picture so you can learn to save up for the pictured item.

For cleaning I use FlyLady. I have spreadsheets for daily cleaning and weekly cleaning. If you are interested in the spreadsheets so you do not have to make you own, let me know  and I will send the sheets to you!

In my bathroom, I have these great totes that I use for everything. I have my stuff in own, Ryan's in another, and medicine in another. Then in one cabinet, I use it to store extra toilet paper.

Okay, so maybe my organizational tips aren't perfect but it works for us! I would love to hear any comments on what you do for organization!