Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If you've read my blog before then you know what happened recently, if not- my grandfather passed away Friday, April 1.

My friend, Andrea, posted the following Bible verse and question on her blog:

"In the course of time, David inquired of the Lord." 2 Sam. 2:1

Does anybody else appreciate that God gives us the gift of time?

Does anybody else appreciate that God gives us the gift of time? Absolutely. My Papa was sick for YEARS. We knocked on the door of death many times and God replied "wait." God gave me and my family TIME. I don't know if God gave us so much more TIME then we rightly deserved because he knew we weren't ready to say "goodbye" or if this was part of his Master plan. I prayed though on more than one occassion begging for more TIME.

But I know that as I inquire of the Lord to hold me close during this time and as I bow my knees in anguish that He knows I am ever thankful for all of the TIME. I am thankful to God that he waited until now to call one of his finest Home. I am thakful that despite the diseased state of my Papa's body that he fought with all he could to give us memories in those last years, months, and days. My God and my Papa made the most of the TIME we had.

Saturday night, hundreds filled Owens funeral home to say their own "goodbye". And on Sunday, our family united together in such a way that I had not ever witnessed. On Sunday, before the casket was closed I took my TIME to say "goodbye". I probably lingered at the casket longer than I should have but at that moment I was wanting even more TIME.

We said so long to tradition and created our own memories. The men in my family unloaded his casket from the hearse and carried it to the altar. This was done in appreciate for how he carried us all to church and planted the love of God in each of our hearts. As my Uncle Steve said, "He carried us to church, we will now carry him."

I still cannot believe that he is gone. I thought he'd live forever here on this earth. But you know what, I can say I made the most of our TIME. I have no regrets. So Andrea, yes, I have appreciated the gift of time so very very much. And sometimes his TIME doesn't match our TIME and we have to reconcile that his TIME is the best.

Papa, I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your TIME now. Watch for me, I'm coming soon and you can be my tour guide when I get there. We can do what we always did best- worship together but this time I won't fall asleep on your belly.