Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being a Mommy is so hard!

We enjoyed our Memorial Day Weekend at the home of some dear friends, Tab and Allison Brown. I am the WORST picture taker in the entire world! So I do not have many photos of our weekend which makes me so sad!

Allison and I have been friends since we were 5. Our Moms are best friends too. And Allison's older siblings, Gena and Tony are equally as close to me. We are blessed with this sort of extended family. They are each unique and very special to us.

Back to parenting being so stinking difficult! Well, yesterday morning we were packing to come home. Ryan has this 40lb (no exaggeration) backpack of Transformer toys. Well, I put his DS and various chargers in the bag. He promptly took this stuff out of the bag because HELLO it's only for Transformers. (In the meantime, I through this stuff in my make up bag and FORGOT about it)

When we arrived home, Ryan says, "Mom, I think I left my DSi in the floor at Allison's." I go into this speech about responsibility. Tell him I am so frustrated about this because he could put something besides Transformers in his toy backpack. He voluntarily goes to his room and shuts the door probably in an effort to get away from all this responsibility talk and he is so sad that he will have to be without he DSi for a couple weeks.

HA! This is when being a Mommy gets so hard! I find his stuff in my make up bag. So I have to apologize for being a horrible Momma and my unnecessary speech. He promptly forgives me!

Then it gets even worse! Who did forget something? Me!!!! I LEFT the hanging clothes. I sat down on the couch beside Ryan and asked him to forgive me. He just said "Momma, you need to be more responsible. You know I'm kidding, right?" I guess he added that last part so I wouldn't give him a speech on sassy talking. How right he is?!?!?!

Later I was telling Brian I was a horrible Mother. He said, "Babe, you are a great Mother. You said the right things when you thought he had forgotten the other toys. When you realized your mistake, you went to him and asked for his forgiveness and said you were sorry. When it got worse and we forgot something, you again said you were wrong." Brian said, "Leslie, you showed you are not perfect." I hope that Ryan sees that parenting is hard but that I am willing to admit when I have wronged him. I am trying to raise him into a sweet, caring, God fearing young man. I hope my mistakes do not interfere with this ultimate goal.