Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Bye 3rd Grade!

We say "good bye" to another school year. This year was a fairly successful year. Ryan developed new friendships and showed us how incredibly smart he is. At the end of last year, our principle encouraged us to write a letter to our kids so I thought I would do that again. Here goes:

Dear Ryan,

I closed my eyes a little too long and here we are saying "good bye" to third grade. I can't believe it! I have learned so much from you this year about trying hard, being sweet, but most of all how to be a good friend. I have enjoyed watching your friendship with Garrison grow into the "best friend" phase. I remember my childhood best friend and without Andi, I would have been L-O-S-T!

This year has brought to you success and trials. We celebrated your belief in Jesus Christ with your baptism. Your Dad remarried. We had massive amounts of snow. We found out Brian and I are expecting your baby brother- oh wait- SISTER! We lost our hero- Papa. Last but not least, we learned that you excelled on the CRCT.

Thank you for working hard, always. Thank you for believing in yourself. As always, I take pride in being your Momma. I love your devotion to God most of all. I love how you wanted your birthday party to be a spend the night party but you wanted to take your friends to church. I pray God's protection on your life and that you will always be open about your love of and belief in God. Do not ever lose that.

To borrow a phrase from Papa, "Always remember who you are and whose you are."

Stay focused. No that no matter where you go, I will go with you. I will pray with you. I will guide you to the best of my ability. I promise to teach you and guide you in such a way that will honor God. I will be your parent first always but I will also be your friend. No matter what.

Brian and I are proud to be your Mom and Dad. It's an honor we do not take lightly. Nothing will ever be more important than you.

Keep focused on your dream of engineering. Tech would be blessed to have you but keep up the hard work.

I love you little buddy. You are amazing.