Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Bows and Birthday Celebrations!

I need a little bit of cheering on as I prepare to take on two majorly daunting tasks! The first- Ryan's 9th birthday party with his friends. He begged for a party at the house with his closest friends and the guys spending the night. Keep in mind, closest friends equals 25 kiddos! And Ryan has NEVER in his life ever had a friend spend the night nor spend the night with a friend. So let's start this trend with 13 boys. Sounds like fun, right! And Ryan wanted all of his friends to go to church with him. I can't knock the kid for trying to spread the love of Jesus. Can I get an Amen? I need a little bit of cheering and support for this week. I have a lot of crafty stuff to make before Saturday, I also work, and have I mentioned I'm 20 (almost 21) weeks pregnant!

Second, why just have one project? I mean really! I'm dying to make some hairbows. This project will have to wait until AFTER Ryan's party. But I need some help. Anyone know of a good tutorial? If so, send me the link!

Love you girls and look forward to hearing your support!