Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bed Rest...

Yesterday, when we got home from our doctor's visit. I plopped my pregnant self right on the couch. I was SLEEPY! Both my boys were great about letting me sleep but the very second my eyes cracked just a bit, my 9 year old (thank goodness he only weighs 55 lbs) jumped right on me! Well, more on my legs. He knows to stay off the belly.

He wanted to hang out with his Momma... Ryan said "I want a hug" Then followed by twenty questions on how I was feeling and how Harper was feeling. It was sweet.

Ryan and I spent the afternoon hanging out. We played Pictionary and Mario Bros on the Wii. Then watched a bit of iCarly. I think Ryan enjoyed our time together.

Then my mom and dad brought over dinner and took Ryan home with them. I was a little hesitant at first about letting him go because I miss him so much when he isn't home. But my Dad said something along the lines of "you do know that you'll be together every single day now that you are on bed rest."

And there my friends is the silver lining. Bed rest is difficult and boring BUT I'm sure Ryan and I can come up with a zillion things to do this summer. If you have any suggestions for stuff we can do- let me know!