Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I can't believe that was just said to me?!?!?!

If this is the first time reading this blog let me tell you a secret- I do not tolerate rudeness well AT ALL. It makes me C-R-A-Z-Y! I try HARD to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. Trust me, there have been many times I've gone all crazy on someone and had to beg for forgiveness. Just ask one of my besties Stacy. She can tell you I've got my fair share of crazy. But regardless, I admit when I've wronged someone and I don't tolerate being wronged myself.... So this weekend when I was WRONGED verbally by someone who should've know better I decided to write a post on what NOT to say to me or any other pregnant friend!

  • "OMG. You are so huge!" - This has been said to me a couple different times, in varying degrees of rudeness. The only person I didn't want to smack was a dear friend who was simply in agreement with me! But most recently, it was almost all I could do to not say in response "So are you! But I'm growing a person!
  • "Awe, you're so small." - Funny enough, I've got this too and this just makes me feel like I'm hurting Harper. Like that she may not get enough nutrients!
  • "You are going to breastfeed, right?" - Actually no, I'm not. I have asthma that is currenlty uncontrolled. To get it back under control I need to be on different medication which all of it is secreted through breast milk. They want me on these drugs now but I can't do it because of baby Harper. 
  • "Can I touch your belly?"- unless I ask you to touch my belly or you are part of my immediate family, keep your hands off me. Harper is so low and kicking so low that we've got to be extremely friendly for you to feel her and I'm not a stinking genie lamp so no you may not touch my belly. 
  • "Are you going back to work?" - well considering that I need a roof over my head yes, I will be going back to work. 
  • "How does Ryan feel about this? Was he okay with this baby?" - you know I actually did not ask him BEFORE I had sex with my husband. I assumed "if" we were to get pregnant that he will love being a big brother. Did you ask your own children for permission to grow the family before you added an addition? No? okay, I didn't think so.

Here are some things I would like to hear:
  • Wow, you look wonderful. You are glowing, I mean, really!
  • You'll figure out the work situation.
  • Your baby is so lucky to have you as her mom!
  • Labor is going to be just fine, don't even worry about it now-- btw, your skin looks amazing!
  • Hey, do you need help carrying in the groceries?
  • Formula feeding your baby is a good option too! You've got to take care of yourself so you can take care of Harper!
  • Whatever you are doing you are doing a fabulous job, you make it look so effortless. (HA!)
  • You have not ruined Ryan's life by giving him a sibling at age 9. He will be an awesome big brother!
  • Boy, you are an inspiration! (Ok, maybe that one is pushing it...)

 I've tried for 25 weeks to bite my tongue and not say anything about the comments that bother me. But this past weekend I was in tears over someone's rudeness and I decided to send out the message- THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO A PREGNANT LADY. WE ARE SENSITIVE!