Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our trip to Labor & Delivery...

Apparently, my body wants to force Lil Cupcake out of it or she wants to meet her Momma really bad! As I have shared in previous posts, my fetal fibronectin test came back positive. This test shows positive for those who run a risk of delivering early. But it's best at predicting those that won't deliver early. Anyway, my test was positive. FUN FUN! I had already been having contractions BEFORE we had this test. These contractions just continued, of course, after my positive result. Friday, we went to my OB's office for these contractions but they stopped on their own after we got there.

Well, yesterday, I was laying in bed being a good little Momma on bed rest. Contractions were coming pretty regularly which were coupled with some other symptoms so I thought a call to a nurse at my dr's office would ease my mind. HA! Jackie, my dr's nurse, said "We need you to go to labor & delivery right now". My sweet Dad who works about 10 mins away came and drove me the 30 min drive to Kennestone. I didn't really have time to wait on Brian to get home from work so he just met us at the hospital.

For the first hour, I was just monitored. I kept saying to Brian "are they seriously just going to let this keep happening?" Because I could see by the monitor that I was having some big contractions every 5 to 7 mins and some minor ones every 2 to 4 mins. Now I know the drill. They watch for a little while to see the pattern and then attack them FULL FORCE.

At first, my OB said to try fluid. I was given an IV bag of fluids. Let me tell you though about getting this IV. The nurse (Maya who I LOVED!) came in without gloves and inserted the IV in my left hand. She somehow hit my hand and BLOOD WENT EVERYWHERE!!! The nurse was hilarious though. She was like "Thank God your medical history is clean!" I said, "Yes, ma'am I'm HIV negative." The nurse said, "oh I've already read your chart. your negative for everything!!!"

After the bag of fluids failed to work, I was given a dose of synthetic morphine. That didn't work either! Then they started procardia. The procardia worked a little bit but I needed another dose. After taking the second dose, I promptly vomited EVERYWHERE. My poor nurse. She took it all in stride though!

I was finally able to go home since they had stopped and there wasn't really anything else that could've been done. I didn't have a fever. I didn't have an infection. I'm just at a high risk for delivering sweet Harper Elise early.

I am now on strict bed rest. I go back Thursday for another fetal fibronectin and we also see our specialist. I am procardia at home. This medicine can wreak havoc on my blood pressure so I was told to buy a cuff for at home. I swear I'm getting old.

My OB's goal is for us to make it to 30 weeks. Seems odd setting a goal for such an early birth. I'm shooting for my next fetal fibronectin to be negative and then making it to 40 weeks. Regardless, God's got this in his hands. He knew before I even tested positive that we would have trials. He also knew that Brian, Ryan, and I could handle this.

I do have some specifice things I would like you to pray about though:
- my next fetal fibrnoectin to be NEGATIVE
- that even though I'm on procardia, that I would be able to attend Ryan's surgery (I've always been told while on this medicine I would NOT be able to go)
- that we make it to full term
- and that I do not lose my mind

Thanks for thinking of us and praying for us!