Monday, June 13, 2011

Ryan is ready to be a big brother...

I've been wondering what life with two kiddos would be like. Not in the sense of I wonder how it will be to parent two kids. I realize not a thing in this world can prepare me to be the Momma to a 9 year old AND an infant. I'll learn that by flying by the seat of my pants. I wondered, though, what type of big brother Ryan would be. He has been so excited about the arrival of Lil Cupcake since day 1. He was actually here at our house when we found out and was screaming right along with us!

Well, our friends Danny and Courtney Parker have the sweetest and most adorable 11 month old son Brody. When we are with them, Ryan immediately is all about some Brody. Today, Courtney and Brody brought us lunch and hung out with us for awhile since I'm confined to the house. This visit allowed me a glimpse at my future as a mother of two.

Check it out for yourself:

Ryan asked Brody, "Want me to read you a book?" And did the rest all by himself! It was precious!

I just had to share the preciousness of this photo. Could these two be any cuter?