Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turning Crisis into Opportunity...

I think just a couple weeks back I was sharing how I had finally gotten to a place of believing this baby would actually happen. I had finally accepted that there was no need to be scared anymore. I was finally wrapping my mind around this baby girl and then bam- CRISIS.

I was sitting here in my living room on this beautiful Sunday morning feeling sorry for myself. I was frustrated that my friends would be hearing a great word from Adam in our Adult Bible Fellowship class yet I was here at home trying not to have a baby. I was sad that the men in our church would be leading out in worship yet I'd be here at home not able to listen. I was broken hearted because it's Father's Day and I'm not positive if my precious husband will ever have a Father's Day with his own biological child. I was in tears because this Father's day, my Papa is celebrating in Heaven.

I thought to myself how I could spend hours mindlessly surfing the net to pass away the day or I could shower and get ready to go see my own Dad for lunch. And then as audible as my cries had been God said, "Grab your Bible and find Charles Stanley on television." I thought okay, I do that.

I tuned the tv to "In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley". The choir was singing "Our Great is our God." Let me tell you, I was immediately in awe of how God orchestrates things. For starters I LOVE this song. I know my God is great. I have not always been this on fire for God as I am a fairly new Christian. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior in 2007 but it wasn't until probably last year that I was sold out for Him. I am not saved because I'm perfect and I will be made perfect through my salvation. I am saved because I was and am a sinner.

I digress back to the First Baptist Church of Atlanta and Charles Stanley. This sermon was given sometime during the winter as everyone in the congregation had on winter clothes so it was interesting to me that of all recorded sermon I would hear was "Turning Crisis into Opportunity."

When I heard the title, I knew I was experiencing a DIVINE INTERVENTION. God had orchestrated this morning, this hardship in pregnancy, these tears over my grandfather so I benefit from Dr. Charles Stanley's sermon.

I'm quickly going to recap the 15 bullet points of his sermon for you. My hope is that if you too are hurting that you can find strength in this lesson as well.

  1. Believe Romans 8:28- God causes all things to work together for our good. (Now this doesn't mean that only good things will happen to us but through the deep muddy waters if we keep our faith in Him good will come out of the crisis.)
  2. God is in control of everything. Psalms 103:19
  3. Accept the truth of Isaiah 55:8-9- His was are not our ways. 
  4. Don't make quick judgements.
  5. Focus on God instead of the crisis. (Even though the crisis is so very real and very painful focus on God. How?- READ THE BIBLE!)
  6. Avoid focusing on the crisis. By being in the word, He will bring calmness to you. 
  7. Recall past crises & opportunities that followed. 
  8. Deal with the anger immediately. 
  9. Submit yourself to the WILL of GOD.
  10. Demonstrate a sense of gratitude. (God knows something good will come out of this crisis.)
  11. Determine to view the crisis as an opportunity. 
  12. Refuse to listen to unscriptual advice.
  13. Remain in constant prayer. (What increases of communication w/ God? PAIN)
  14. Refuse to give way to changing emotions.
  15. Obey God & leave all the consequences to Him. 
Dear Heavenly Father, 

How truly difficult have these past few weeks been. I have followed some of these steps of Dr. Stanley's but not all of them. Please help me in my weakness. I am broken and I am scared. It is hard for me to imagine the worse and see good in that. Please hold me close. Lord, hold Harper close to you and protect her as you have done without fail this far. Stop these contractions. I am thankful that you are head of my household and that you understand why I cry. You have experienced this pain before too. Be near to me now and hold me close. Keep my focus on you. 

In your name I cry out this prayer.