Monday, June 20, 2011

What a day? What a day!

This weekend, I was a fairly bad girl and did not follow doctor's orders to a T. I went to the grocery store on Saturday and lunch with my Dad and to the cemetery to talk to my Papa on Sunday. I had every single intention of doing NOTHING today except laying in bed. The Procardia is working wonders but I really don't need to push it. Harper needs no encouragement to come early.

Well the universe had different plans for my Monday! Ryan goes to his Dad's every other weekend to return home at 6pm on Sunday night. Well, when he got home last night he was S-I-C-K! His right ear was bothering him something bad. At bedtime, Ryan and I always watch a little tv in mine and Brian's bed. We were laying there and I had a bright idea- SWIMMER'S EAR DROPS. I assume Ryan just has a tiny bit of water in his ear. The screaming that followed these drops was enough that I felt like "WORST MOM OF THE YEAR". 

We had an extremely rough night. I woke up a lot with him and to check on him. When Ryan woke up for the day he was SCREAMING. I knew immediately we needed to see Richard (or Dr. Young). When the office opened, we were given an appt for as quickly as we could arrive. Richard diagnosed us with an ear infection- drops and antibiotic and we were on our way. At Publix, Ryan crawled up in my lap to cuddle with me. When we got home, he laid on the couch and moaned and groaned in pain but wanted his Momma near. I love moments when he needs me- AWESOME but I HATE when he is sick!

I've felt really uncomfortable most of the day but I figure taking care of myself, Harper, and Ryan is a task I should begin to learn now. I've finally gotten the balance of Advil/ Tylenol just right so Ryan is feeling much better. Here's hoping tomorrow I can rest! Man, what a day!