Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Meal Time

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to eat more meals together at the table. We had developed the horrible habit of eating on tv trays in our living room in front of the "ole evil eye" (what my Papa called the TV). I think we had a handful of meals at the kitchen table before we found our way back to the old habit. For months, I would think we really need to be at the table together. I would think that I was teaching Ryan HORRIBLE habits. I also thought how are we going to know each other if we always eat watching the stupid tv and we aren't talking.

This past weekend, Ryan was with his Dad. Brian and I enjoyed our usual Friday night date while Ryan was away. It was fantastic. He prayed over our family, our meal, and a few other things. CONVICTION! I realized that every meal we eat in front of our tv also comes without a prayer. There was NO thanksgiving being offered to our Father.

Let me step back for a bit too- I have been praying daily for my marriage. It wasn't bad but I want us to be on fire for each other. I want us to be able to be role models for other Godly couples. I mean our make up is unique. I was married before, I have a child from that marriage yet my husband was never married and has no children. So while we are blended we aren't blended in the usual sense. I also was not a Christian until shortly before I met Brian. I feel strongly that we have a lot of insight into successful marriages AFTER divorce. Our church and our Adult Bible Fellowship class has also been challenging us as individuals to "what if" challeneges. What if we read our Bible daily? What if we prayed for each other? What if revival started within our church and busted through our city and our nation?

Back to dinner- so as I sat there listening to my husband praying. God was saying, "You are missing hearing this every single day because of bad habits. Is that tv time more important than dinner with your family at the table?"

I didn't say anything to Brian right away. I wasn't sure how he felt. But as I was washing Harper's clothes and folding them in the living room, I caught a glimps of one of the tv trays and just knew WE had to change if we were serious about becoming "The Family We Always Wanted". I told Brian that I hated the tv trays because we were using them as a crutch instead of spending time together at the table. Hours later when I was getting out of the shower I had the bathroom door cracked (my bathroom is off the living room- our house was built in 1954 so it's laid out all crazy) and I saw Brian removing them from our house. I literally had to choke by tears. He didn't just say, "okay we will eat at the table." He removed what was irritating me, what was causing me to stumble, he plucked it right out of our home.

So the Family Meal Time has begun. Yesterday at lunch, Ryan blessed the meal. What a blessing I would've missed had we not decided it was time to do something. I am so excited to see where this takes our family. Praying the 3 of us use this time at the table wisely!