Friday, July 22, 2011

Giving up Facebook...

So I had been struggling for awhile with having so many social outlets. I also was beginning to wonder how much time could actually be devoted to one outlet while neglecting the rest of my life. Honestly (since I "confess" on my blog), I was also tired of a couple people who wouldn't speak to me in public if their life depended on it (or that's how they make me feel) but commented on EVERYTHING.

I decided it would be better to just have Twitter. Those that I follow on there do not post often so a quick check in the morning and I'm caught up! I also still have my blog which I love writing on even though I don't think many are reading it! That's okay too. Maybe if I would get better at posting pictures!

Anyway, if you were friend on there and you wonder where I went, I deactivated. I might be back one day. But I wanted to give myself until after Harper's arrival so I would know how much time I actually have to devote to the "time wasters".

If you want to keep up with my life- I promise I'll do my best to post here fairly regularly and you can always email me!