Monday, July 18, 2011

Literally, SCREAMING at the top of my lungs! (possibly TMI- not for the faint of heart! :-) )

A blog I follow, Kelly's Korner, always does a segment on Friday's called, "Show us Your Life". This past Friday's segment was "Sharing the pregnancy news!"

I went back through my posts from earlier this year wondering if I ever shared how I told Brian and Ryan we were expecting. I didn't find a post about this particular subject and I believe our story is precious so I had to share!

Back in the fall of 2010, after many different periods of time thinking "the time to try is NOW" and then finding out God was saying "no", we knew our time was right to begin trying. Months came and went and NOTHING. Then we got really serious about our goal. We were using Ovulation Predictor Kits and checking temps. It was a tad INSANE!

January came around and I tested on New Year's Day- negative! Bummer. Well, what should have happened DID NOT. So I waited a few days and scheduled an appt with my doctor, Dr Phillips, because back in November he had written a script for us for some medication to "jump start" our pregnancy. I had been on Mirena for over 5 years and Dr. Phillips thought it might be difficult to become pregnant. I wanted to see him before I started this medicine and to make sure I was or was not in fact pregnant.

Of course, on Jan. 11 the day of our appt, it snows MASSIVE amounts. My appointment was cancelled by the doctor's office and I was devastated. Brian had asked me to stop taking home pregnancy tests because I was "wasting" them. I begged him to let me test one more time. We (Brian, Ryan, and I) went to CVS in the snow and ice and bought our test.

After taking the test, we had ever intention of telling Ryan MUCH LATER if the result was positive because we knew we ran the risk of miscarriage since it was so early. I stayed in my bathroom awaiting the results. Immediately, one line appeared. I thought, "Okay, the test is negative." We will just keep trying. But I stayed in the bathroom for the duration of the time the test is supposed to take and BAM! There came a pale pink line. I started SCREAMING. I could not contain myself. I was so excited!

Of course, when I started screaming both Ryan and Brian came running. Neither expecting me to shove a positive test in their faces. But I did! We all SCREAMED. We all cried. And we immediately prayed together for the safety of our baby! 

It's been quiet a journey but we cannot wait to meet our precious bundle of joy- Harper Elise- this fall.