Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marriage Advice?

It's Friday, so we all know what that means! Kelly's Korner blog is hosting the weekly installment of "Show us Your Life". This week's topic is MARRIAGE ADVICE.

I will dare to say that I have a great marriage. I have only been married for 3 years but we've been through a lot in those 3 years:

- blending a family (Brian had never been married before so becoming a Dad AND a husband was a challenge)
- job loss
- new jobs that didn't quiet meet our expectations
- my grandfather's cancer
- the eventual loss of my grandfather
- pregnancy

Despite all of the trials that life has presented in our short marriage, I look at my husband and I think with him I can do anything!

My Top 10 list of Marriage Rules to Follow is as follows:

1. Be equally yolked.
2. Have Christ as the center of your marriage.
3. Pray together often.
4. Respect your husband. (Saturday night, I found myself sharing a "funny to me" story at Brian's expense. After dinner on the drive home, I asked if he felt I was being disrespectful. He didn't but he appreciated me checking in on the matter.)
5. Don't have a headache every single day. (You know what I mean! But I will say it, have sex with your husband OFTEN.)
6. Laugh often.
7. When life throws the curve balls, lean on each other instead of blaming each other.
8. Date your spouse after you have children.
9. Hug, hold hands, kiss. In some shape or form, touch your spouse every single day.
10. Say "i love you" all the time.

Marriage isn't easy. It takes commitment. It takes work. It takes being devoted to one another and the marriage. Every single day, Brian makes my heart stop. Every time I look at him (ok, almost every), I am reminded of the first time I saw him and think now just like I did then- God put him here on this planet for ME! God obviously loves me because not only do I have the greatest son on the planet I also have the greatest husband. When the going gets tough in your marriage and it will, stop fighting, hit your knees, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.