Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrating Harper...

Saturday, August 6 we had our first shower for Harper Elise thansk to the lovely ladies (aunts) pictured above! From left to right they are, Gayle, Nancy, and Mary. Nancy and Mary are my Dad's sisters while Gayle is married to my Dad's brother.

Earlier in the day yesterday, I was not sure how last night was going to go. I was feeling a bit sad as I thought about the fact that my Papa wasn't there with us. Yet my Uncle Steve did a fantastic job of verbalizing before the blessing of all we do have to be thankful for. Yes, this year has been difficult. Yes, we wish certain things would be or go differently. But there is blessing in the tears. There is blessing in that we have baby girl on the way, my cousin Jason was just accepted to USC for dental school (and is dating the most beautiful girl I've ever seen), Scott and Leilah got engaged this summer and are planning a fall 2012 wedding, Carrie was accepted into the radiology program at her college, Brian got a promotion, my Dad is healing nicely from surgery, and Nancy turns 50 on Monday. So see despite it all we've got blessings pouring out of our ears!

My family showered us with the most precious clothes and other had to have items off our registry like the frog toy holder for the bathroom or the bottle brush! We also were given a pink Bumbo (which is a big deal b/c I could only find it in purple or blue). My most favorite card came from my Momar and was signed "love- Momar and Papa".

Harper Elise is one loved little girl! I cannot wait to watch my family with her. I thank God for all the blessings he has given us.