Friday, August 5, 2011

Countdown: 7 weeks!

Dear Harper-

It's hard to believe that you've been baking in my belly for 33 weeks already! Some days it seems like it has barely been a day and other's I feel like it's been years. Regardless, I cannot wait to see your sweet face and love on you!

This week has been B-U-S-Y! We:
- recovered completely from the stomach virus that plagued us for 11 stinkin days
- Ryan had open house and I thought all that walking was going to make you come on out!
- We had your weekly appointment and Dr Phillips is in awe of how strong your heart sounds. We are too actually. Listening to your heart is one of the most incredible sounds I have ever heard.
- Ryan started 4th grade and I realized that when you start school I will also have a 10th grader! (I pray that despite your age difference that the two of you are the best of friends. Ryan is such an amazing young man! I could just eat him up and I hope you will feel the same way!)
- You've really started moving my ENTIRE belly. It's like you are saying "I WANT OUT OF HERE!"
- When I sing to you, you kick like crazy!
- Your room is really coming together
- Saturday, we will celebrate you with my Grandpa's family. Going to be really special!

I love you Cupcake! Keep baking and know that I cannot wait to hold you and snuggle!