Friday, August 5, 2011

Missionary or Mission Field?

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” Deuteronomy 5:6

“Because anyone who comes to God must believe that He exists.” Hebrews 11:6

In our Adult Bible Fellowship Class or Sunday School whichever name you prefer, we have been challenged to either be the missionary or the mission field. As Christians, we are told in the “Great Commission” to take our message of Jesus Christ into all the areas of our world. I have several friends who spent their summer, leaving jobs and families behind, to go to a foreign land to share the great news of Jesus. Yet, the question still lingers in my mind what did I do this summer, today, or yesterday even to advance the Kingdom of God. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that there are friends who read this blog and the only time they hear me say “I love Jesus” is in this blog. I believe my actions show that I am in love with Jesus but because of different beliefs it becomes so difficult for me to share Jesus. My friend Drew challenged me to care where everyone would spend eternity. Would their soul be confined to Hell or spend eternity in Heaven?

Some people have a knack for what we Southern Baptists have termed “witnessing”. Some people have brought more people to Christ then I ever will. But God isn’t keeping score. He isn’t saying “Leslie, so and so prayed with a zillion people today to be saved yet you are still sitting there scared.” God is challenging me to be bolder about my faith and adding just 1 to those saved would be perfect in the eyes of my Lord.

I know that when the end of the world comes and we are all standing before God, these friends who I claim here to love yet didn’t share what I know, those friends and God will be saying, “You knew I didn’t know Him yet you never shared?” This vivid image in my mind HAUNTS me. I pray that God takes me out of my skin and throws me into a situation where I must share my faith. I have to learn and accept that me sharing what Christ has done in my life, how he has changed me, how my faith has become everything to me is ALL that was asked of me. I can (and should) share daily the plan of salvation with someone. The sharing part is it for me that is all I have to do. The acceptance of Christ as Savior is up the other person. I pay no price for that acceptance or rejection.

Yet knowing that is all that is asked of me is still difficult because I struggle. Some of the friends I have today know the me that was a life loving teen or a happily single and divorced young woman making choices that make my skin crawl. These choices that I made were forgiven by God when I asked him in 2006 to become my Savior yet I hold on to them because I have not forgiven myself. How do I overcome who I was and show those closest to me who I am? I am going to Heaven and I want my closest friends there with me but if I don’t get uncomfortable and share Him then I have failed Him and those I claim to love.