Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harper's Arrival Story!

Harper’s Arrival Story!

So many people were shocked on Friday afternoon by a text my husband sent from my phone. It read something like this:

Harper is here. 7 pounds 2 ounces. 19 1/4

My friend Ashley said she was going to start asking people, "Where were you when you heard Harper had been born?" HAHAHA. I am normally an open book but sometimes I keep things in the vault and this was one of those things I wanted to keep in my vault.

Let’s back up to September 6, 2011- at my routine appointment, my blood pressure was sky high. The topic of a medical induction was brought up as my doctor thought this was where we were headed. I was fine with being induced (I was induced with Ryan too). I thought it HYSTERICAL that after a summer of pre term labor risk we were now going to smoke Harper out. We scheduled our induction for Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

On September 13 at our routine appointment, my blood pressure was 133/101. Now my blood pressure would shoot up during activity but would go down at rest. Yet, if my blood pressure was shooting up while I was active that also meant during labor if we were not careful, my BP would sky rocket (which it did.) I did not see “my” doctor on this day so the doctor, Dr. Southerland, that I saw went to find “my” doctor, Dr. Phillips. Dr. Phillips felt it was imperative that we induce sooner than the 20th so we scheduled the induction for Friday, September 16.

Now you ask, why did we keep it a secret? Why did we not just tell so others could pray for us? Honestly, it goes back to my birth experience with Ryan. Some hurts you never recover from. So I wanted to bring Harper into the world with Brian, Ryan, and I the only ones in the delivery room and the only ones in the hospital. Well, you can’t have a 9 year old at the hospital without supervision so we asked my parents to be there to watch Ryan.

We were told in the days leading up to Friday how the hospital was behind on inductions and that we would be called from 9pm on Thursday to 3am on Friday if there was not room for us. This also made it difficult to plan for others to come because how would we really know. Regardless, Harper’s arrival happened as Brian and I desired it too.

We arrived on Friday at Kennestone at 5am. Pitocin was administered at 6:30; broke my water at 7:30; I got an epidural at 8:30. I labored all day in pretty much no pain. Ryan was able to be in the room with me and we all just laughed and cried and waited. And waited some more. My epidural wore off at 2:30 and we had to get another dose. At 4:45, I was ready to P-U-S-H! 

Brian and I had a precious moment of praying over me and for Harper and the fun began. Harper arrived at 5:56. She was SCREAMING! She was PERFECT. We were concerned about a few things we couldn’t tell in utero. And as Dr. Phillips said, “Leslie, her mouth is perfect” my tears flowed.

I had a lot of issues personally after birth so there is a huge cloud on what happened afterwards. I was in desperate need of some serious medication so from about 6pm to about 10pm, I was in a serious medicine fog. God, however, had his hand on me and in the end I was fine.

Harper’s arrival has changed our world. I cant even fathom the favor God has for us. Not only did God allow me to be the mom to the most perfect little boy he also choose me to be the Momma of the most precious little girl.

For this child I have prayed, and God heard my petition and gave me my heart’s request.