Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where did the time go?!?!?!

I wish most of all that this picture could capture the peacefulness of our Harper's room. When we were told, "It's a boy" I knew instantly that we would be having a pirate themed nursery but when we were told "No, this is a GIRL" I had no idea what I wanted. I knew I wanted something that was fit for a "baby" yet Harper could grow with. After the loss of my Papa, the nursery and everything else in my life was put on hold. When I finally decided this empty bedroom needed to become a nursery I feared I would bring Harper in to the world in a room with a dresser and that's about it. Well, after thinking carefully about what I wanted and shopping around for the greatest deals- I believe it came together perfectly. It's a room fit for my princess.
(We also did some redecorating in Ryan's room to so he wouldn't feel completely left out. His toys had been in the back side of our tv room but are now all in his room. You know, just in case he needs to escape the chaos.)

Well, we made it to 39 weeks. I am still high risk. I am still being monitored EVERY TIME I turn around. But I realize that having doctors who care about me and my baby are exactly what I need. We have a plan for Harper's delivery and we have a plan for if it's necessary to take her before Sept 22. Brian and I have carefully considered DELIVERY DAY. I only want he and I (Ryan says he will be there too and that is awesome) and I want my parents in the waiting room in case Ryan needs a break. Every one else can arrive AFTER she is here. Going from a family of 3 to a family of 4 is a really big deal to me and I want Brian and I to be able to cherish those first moments without having to host family. The comfort of being a family is something that was extremely lacking in my first marriage and since this is the last baby, I really want to focus on our family. Then after a few hours of just us, we will welcome visitors at the hospital or our home to love on her too. Just no hogging my baby!

No one else loves this Cupcake more than I do. I have prayed for her. I have lost sleep for her. I have wanted her. And when she arrives, I want to be able to lay in that hospital bed with my husband by my side and Ryan in bed with me too and just enjoy the blessings God has given us.

It's September 14 and I figure we are within a couple weeks of her delivery. I cannot wait! Stay tuned for pictures of our Cupcake!