Saturday, October 22, 2011

All about Ryan!

Ryan has been up to so much the past couple of weeks! First, I want to celebrate that he made Orfesstra. Orfesstra is the school chorus but you have to try out! Ryan was so funny about Orfesstra saying at first that he didn't want to try out then deciding oh yes I do! After tryouts, he said, "That lady made me sing all high so if I don't make it, it's her fault." I happened to be at the school the week after tryouts and ran in to the music teacher so I casually mentioned to her how much Ryan wanted to be in Orfesstra. And whoo hoo- he made it! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures!

During homecoming week, every day was a different spirit day. On favorite team day, he wore his Georgia hat! On mix match day, well, the picture speaks for itself.

The "Challenge" (Gifted) program at our school took all of the fourth grade students that are in the program to a nature preserve. The kids left at 7 am and returned around 7pm. Ryan had the best time! We are now the proud owners of a Venus Fly Trap. I wanted to go on the field trip but with the new baby it was not possible. I also didn't want to leave her with her dad for 12 hours. At the time, I was also not recovered from delivery and walking miles around a preserve did not appeal to me at all.

Last night, our awesome children’s department hosted a “lock in” for the 3rd – 5th graders. Brian and I helped chaperone (along with Harper). It was one of the best times I have ever had with Ryan and he remarked often that he was having a blast. We had a good time on the hayride too!  I think one of his favorite parts was playing Wii on the big screen.
He even said during the lock in, “I’m doing this next year!” Ya know, even at church we can have a good party!

As I watched Ryan with his friends last night, I realized how truly blessed we are. My goodness, he is such a well behaved and sweet child. I could just eat him up. I have had a hard time lately juggling the two kids. Because of their vast age differences, Harper should be at home a lot more than she is yet Ryan needs me out and about with him. I feel like sometimes Ryan thinks I am “picking” Harper over him. We are just working on how Harper needs certain things and he is adjusting. I keep praying that the transition from only child to big brother remains a fairly easy one!