Monday, October 24, 2011


I recently started reading The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer as my daily devotion. The book is based on the movie Courageous and while the movie was geared more to men there is much to be learned as wives and mothers.

My personal conviction lately has been becoming the Proverbs 31 wife. I will tell you over and over that I am a good mother. Notice I said “good” not perfect. Hello, I make mistakes. You can read through my blog and find posts where I have had to apologize to my 9 year old. BUT, I’ve been convicted about the type wife I am. Listen, I’m not saying I am a bad wife because I’m not. Outsiders have often said that we appear to have a great marriage and my own husband says I’m nuts when I say I want to be a better wife. I think the best way to say this is to say- we need a role reversal up in this house! I need to step back into my role as the wife God designed me to be and Brian needs to step up and be the man God designed him to be. Long story short, when I began reading “Resolution”, I wanted to learn how to be a better wife. HAH! God laughs at me daily. I’m only through one resolution and I haven’t even begun to change my wife-y ways just my outlook on some much more important tasks.

The first resolution is on CONTENTMENT. As I read this section, I was either crying at where I have once been in my life or laughing because some sections where like “hello, remember when this was you!!!”

The scriptures say:

“True godliness with contentment is itself great weath.” 1 Timothy 6:6- How often are we striving for wealthy? Let me tell you, I’ve traveled this road. I, however, desire Godliness and in that there is genuine great wealth.

“If we have food and clothing, with these we shall be content.” Timothy 6:8 – Many, many, many times I have wanted better car or designer clothes or a bigger house but the scripture says if we have food and clothes BE CONTENT.

Over and over in this chapter, Shirer is teaching us what God says on contentment. There was a season of my life right before I became a Christian that I was looking everywhere for my peace, my joy, my contentment. When I met my Savior in that dark church on a cold February night back in 2007, I didn’t instantly become content. Contentment is something you just have. It’s an acquired discipline. It’s knowing that what you have is enough. Giving it freely. And knowing that God will meet all of our needs. I used to be full of some much pride to the point that I didn’t want friends getting to close to me because I was afraid. When I finally opened my heart and my home THERE I found. I daily struggle with being content but I am committed when I don’t feel contentment to hit my knees and beg God for an attitude adjustment.

I am in this season of life with a newborn baby, a fairly newly wed couple, mom of a 9 year old for only a time. I vow to be content and to enjoy each step of the way. If I rush, I will look back with regret upon having missed a very special time. I don’t want to miss anything because it won’t be like this for long.