Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Better Half!

I post often about whatever is on my mind or my kiddos but I rarely post about my fantastic husband! Let me first begin by saying, I have NO IDEA how I am so stinking lucky to have such a great man but THANK YOU Lord for loving me enough and caring enough about me to know I NEEDed someone so wonderful.

When Harper was born, Brian received 5 weeks paid paternity leave. I had no clue how much I would need him here. His help kept me from losing my mind in those difficult early days and he was always asking "How are you?" He wanted to make sure that while everyone was doting on the baby that I knew I was still his princess and that I wouldn't just be Harper and Ryan's Mom that I was still me.

Once he went back to work, we had a hard time adjusting to the schedule of who would take Ryan to school, etc. He immediately stepped up and said I'll take Ryan. It helps tremendously to not have to get myself and Harper ready so early in the morning.

Well let me get to what I really want to say about my husband: earlier this week on Wednesday, I noticed we were 4 bottles from being out of rice cereal. Harper has to have this in her bottle to help with reflux. Typically, I would've simply ran to the store once Brian came home from work but we were headed to Phipps to see Santa. I thought I would go when we got home but it was about 9:30. So I just decided I would go the next morning. However, when morning came Harper was SICK! After a night of walking the floor with Harper, she and I slept late. When I woke, I knew I would have to go out for the cereal soon. To my surprise, our "rice" container was FULL! In my sleep deprived state, I starting crying. In his rush to get himself ready, Ryan ready, Ryan to school, and him to work, Brian somehow fit the grocery store into his early morning rush so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

His small group had been talking about being proactive not reactive. HELLO! This act of kindness left me speechless. 

Since I am a stay at home Mom most of the responsibility of Harper falls on me. I don't mind at all. Being a mother is my heart's greatest joy but there are days when I'm tired. When I'm tired, who steps in to help? Brian. He is there always to lend a helping hand no matter the time of day.

When I was pregnant, I wondered a lot what kind of father Brian would be. You see, his own father deserted him at a very young age. I am blessed to be parenting with the greatest Dad in the world. (well, other than my Dad!)