Monday, November 21, 2011

Praise the Lord!

I feel a little bit like Moses… He wandered in the desert then God used him to free the people out of Pharaoh’s hand. I pray that God will use Brian in mighty ways to advance His kingdom. I’ve changed a lot in the few years I’ve known God as my savior and I look forward to seeing how I will continue to change and grow in my relationship. And this two year journey I’ve been on has brought about the greatest change. One I never expected.

Brian and I walked in the desert for 655 days. We wondered when God would bring us out. We wondered when not only would our needs be met but our wants. When would God give Brian not only a job but a career he could be passionate for? When Harper came, we wondered would God provide a way for me to stay home?

November 14, 2011 our answer came. I’ll just be straight with you- our answer did not come in the form we were expecting. It was as if God was saying, “I’ll make life easier for you. I’ll bring you up this mountain with me but not straight to the top. I’ll give you a prettier view, an easier view.” It was like God said, “I’m not about to set you two free until you prove this change in your hearts and life is real.”

Could I blame God for not setting us totally free? No. God already knows our hearts but He wants us to know them better. Brian has been promoted at SunTrust as an underwriter. This is a corporate position so no more worrying about a branch’s under performance. At first glance at the offer, my mind said “no”. God responded, “Write it out. Work your budget. Test me. Did I meet your need? Are you not going to take it because your wants are not met? Are you going to seriously stay in this desert after all you’re grumbling over a few thousand dollars? Or are you going to see that I met your need (which by the way is all I promised I would do)? Or are you going to bow down on your knees, scream out my name in praise like you said you would do if I gave this job to you?”

To Excel I went, I plugged in numbers in our budget. I even added a couple hundred a month for a fun splurge. You know what God gave us- ABUNDANCE. He provided! First, I hit my knees and BEGGED God to forgive my disbelief. I sang His praises. I was shouting my excitement.

Oh sweet precious answered prayer. How beautiful you are to me.

I encourage you, if you are walking around worried, miserable, frustrated because you feel like God has forsaken you- HIT YOUR KNEES. Your answered prayer is COMING! I am not going to sit here and say that waiting will be easy. It won’t be. But in God’s timing, your prayer will be answered. Perhaps not in the way you want or expect but in the way you NEED it will be answered.

I’m walking up the mountain. Praising God to be out of this hot miserable desert. If God ever needs to get my attention or there is a lesson to learn, I won’t have as far to fall. I’m staying on my knees.