Friday, December 9, 2011

Orphans and Widows

Most Thursday mornings, I find myself sitting at the feet of a beloved friend, Andrea Helton, as she leads us in Bible study. After Harper was born and I was blessed to be able to become a “stay at home mom”, I started attending this Bible study on a regular basis. My Thursday morning looks something like this: feeding my precious daughter, dropping my son off at school, coming home and juggling a baby who is awake with my need for a shower, then heading to the church, afterwards I have lunch (some weeks) with my good friend Courtney, then I wrap up the afternoon with a visit with my grandmother. Every Thursday morning, I find myself praising Him because this is the easiest morning of my week. God knows that if Satan were to attack and cause difficulty then I would chose home instead of learning more with my friends about my amazing Savior.

Today was no different. The usual plan went off without a hitch.

Or was it? As I visited with my grandmother, Momar, a visitor came. One of the deacons and his wife brought my grandmother a poinsettia. In April of this year, my grandmother became a widow. And this sweet couple had recognized not only the scripture (Luke 1:27) that tells us to care for the orphans and widows but had acted upon it.

The first questions asked of my grandmother was “How are you?” Her response, “God has been good to me.” Tears began to fill her eyes as she said God had been good to her. Being the sap that I am, it was difficult not to break down and sob. I miss my grandfather terribly but especially right now at Christmas. Yet my grandmother was testifying that even in this time, God is good to her. (Can I get an Amen?)

It was awesome to witness what a blessing this couple was to my grandmother. As I watched the exchanges between them, my mind started to wander- who could I minister too? Who could I visit that would love to love on my tiny baby.

God has been working in my heart and Brian’s on how we should be caring for orphans but I had not even thought about the widows. Perhaps God is about to do a mighty work in my heart and life through the caring of a widow. This area of ministry is something I am going to be praying hard about. I know that if I were to sit at the feet of a strong Christian widow, my life would change. My marriage would be enriched. It would be worth every second that I dedicated to the cause. And you know, a widow would probably enjoy a little company. I know I get lonely but my husband comes home every night. Imagine how it would be if our spouses had a new home in Heaven? No wonder God commanded us to love on this group of people.