Friday, February 24, 2012

At the Cross

On Sunday morning, I will stand with the worhsip choir at our church and we will sing "At the Cross". As I listened yesterday to this song in my car, I was taken back to a very sad time in my life and in our marriage. The day Brian lost his job. I say often that I wouldn't wish job loss on my worst enemy. I wouldn't. It's hard. It tested our marriage. It tested my faith. I felt abandoned. I felt alone. I felt no one understood. I felt embarassed. Yet, my God gave me a slide show presentation of how He overcame all of my fears and tests and began to unfold His plan in our lives. I thought I'd share this song you. 

At the Cross

Oh Lord You've searched me
You know my way
Even when I fail You
I know You love me

Your holy presence
Surrounding me
In every season
I know You love me
I know You love me

At the cross I bow my knee
Where Your blood was shed for me
There's no greater love than this
You have overcome the grave
Your glory fills the highest place
What can separate me now?

You go before me
You shield my way
Your hand upholds me
I know You love me

You tore the veil
You made a way
When You said that it is done
And when the Earth fades
Falls from my eyes
And You stand before me
I know You love me
At the cross I bow my knee

The line in the song, "in every season". Oh man. In that season when Brian lost his job. Painful. In that season when God said "this is my plan". PRAISE! I remember the call when Brian told me that he had found an underwriting position he wanted to apply for but how his boss had to give him permission to apply. I almost laughed. The rule at Suntrust is that you have to be in a position for 1 year before you can post out or have permission from your boss. Brian's time at Suntrust had been something like 8 months in Rome and only about 3 in Acworth when he found the underwiting position. Brian knew though when he saw the posting this was God's plan. The words of the song "You know my way". God knew. God knew. God knew His way would bring us to this exact point when he could say, "My beloved, this is my plan."

I thought my marriage was going to fall apart when we were hit with financial stresses of job loss and had used all of our savings. But you know what God's plan was- take us to our knees, that we would take our struggles to His cross, that we would seek Him hard. He gave us the absolute best marriage, a job my husband loves, a baby that we can afford for me to stay home with, and a church who has rallied around us in ways no one can believe.

It was so sweet yesterday to look back at where we were and where we are. I was belting out "At the Cross" as I drove down Hwy 41 with my hands lifted high. I know that AT THE CROSS is where all of my needs are met and where my God wants to meet me every moment of every day.