Saturday, February 25, 2012


I haven't confessed anything on my blog in a really long time. I've been so busy posting how God is working in our lives or how stinking cute my kids are that I forget the title of this blog is "Confessions of a Georgia Peach".

So here it is... when I see myself in pictures, I think, "WHOAH! I've got to do something about all of this weight." But then I look in the mirror and the person staring back at me is pretty darn cute! Where in the world is the discrepancy? I talked to my brother about this and he agreed that he feels this way too. I'm the same person so why don't I look in the mirror and think don't eat all day or the rest of your life and RUN before the weight kills you. No. I think hmm, you look cute, have a brownie.

I don't need you to tell me I need to lose weight. The numbers on the scale are proof of that. I mean when the Wii Fit board is screams "Ooooohhh!" when I stand on it, I understand. There's a saying/ picture floating around Pinterest that says, "Nothing taste as good as being skinny feels." I haven't been skinny in about 5 years (when I met my sweet husband) so this quote while it sounds good means nothing to me. You can't tell me that the donut, Dr. Pepper, Crunch bar, etc that I want to consume isn't going to taste good. It's going to taste heavenly and I really don't mind being overweight. Isn't that just sad?

One of my New Year's resolutions was to lose weight. It's almost March and I've not done anything about it. My friend Kassi says that you just have to be determined. She lost over 100 pounds and looks HOT. Hmmm, if I lost half of that how hot would I look?

I think it's time to get serious about this stuff. In a month, I'm going to stand before my church and dedicate my child to the Lord and all I think about is how fat I'll look on that stage. So I'm going to try to exercise every day between now and April 1. I'll let y'all know if I need any help keeping me motivated. Wish me luck!