Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Moment to Remember...

Such a handsome young man!

Sunday morning, my sweet hubs and I decided we would go to church during our first hour since we were serving during the second hour. Good friends of ours were keeping the son of some friend's of theirs, Jarrett. Courtney didn't want Jarrett going to youth alone so I offered to keep Ryan with me and Jarrett could sit with us. Who knew that this random act would put me right next to my son when he would need me?

We were singing, hands raised high, and Ryan leans over and says he is hot. It wasn't too terribly hot in our sanctuary so I said to him that I was sorry and started rubbing his back. Moments later Ryan was crumbling to the ground in my arms. He f-a-i-n-t-e-d. I'm not talking he felt faint. I am saying he hit the ground. I was scared.

I went immediately to pick him up but the man in front of me told me to put him down. Before I could blink a peditrician that attends our church was by his side. This man is business partners with our peditrician. After careful examination, Dr. Payne assured us that he did not need to be rushed to the hospital. He told us to take him home to rest and that the next morning to be at Dr. Young's office right when they opened.

We arrived promptly at 8:15 and saw Dr. Young. To say I am thankful this man is an understatement. He is the greatest physician on earth and has been with us through it all from day 1. He thinks Ryan is probably fine and just an easy fainter like some others in our family but we are going to a cardiac specialist in a few weeks.

When I think to long about the "what ifs" I remind myself that I have the Greatest Physician on my side. He is watching my child and holding him close. If you stumble upon this blog post I ask that you pray for my son whenever you think of it.

Dear Ryan,

I know that was so scary when you fainted. It scared Momma too. But you were such a trooper and you have another great story to tell. When someone asks you about your winter break you can say that you passed out! I'm praying for you every day and every time I think about it. I am praying that you are fine and that there is nothing wrong. We serve a mighty God who has His hands all over this. I love you and I am here to hold your hand. Stay strong buddy but when you can't I'll hold you up. Lean on God. He is your greatest cheerleader.

As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.