Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I've never really been into Valentine's Day. Seems kind of hokey to have a day set aside once a year to show someone how much you love them. I mean, come on? Who thought of this? Hallmark? Or did the restuarants have a meeting and say let's do this? Whatever reason we have this holiday it seems a tad dramatic. I've had boyfriends who have loved the holiday then I've had boyfriends who could care less. My hubby likes the holiday too but we don't normally exchange gifts just a special dinner. Granted already today he has left a zillion messages telling me how wonderful I am. He is so precious!

My eyes have been open this year about the importance of letting Brian know just how happy I am that he is my Valentine. I have felt God directing me, in a way, over the past few months to help widows. I was thinking I don't know any widows to help or nuture that I'm not already in contact with. The only widow that came to my mind was my grandmother. I can't even begin to grasp how differently my life would be if Brian wasn't in it. I am very lucky to have a Valentine I love so much. So widows are important to me. They have a vast emptiness in their lives that we sisters in Christ need to recognize.

Isn't it just like God to lay something on your heart then deliver in a B-I-G way? I wasn't even thinking about my Aunt Geraldine or that she is a widow. You see, she and I were never very close. But she lost both of her sons then lost her husband about ten years ago. After being disconnected from her for the past 8 years or so, God brought she and I back in contact. Close wonderful fellowship. She has spoiled my children and it has been sweet to be in her presence. I feel like she really understands me and I hate that it has taken me 32 years to realize what a blessing she is.

Today, when I woke it was heavy on my heart that two people dear to me- my grandmother and my aunt- didn't have Valentines. I can't even imagine. My grandmother had already arranged a lunch with some of her family and a friend of hers so I knew I would see her today. And I thought it would be fun to surprise my aunt with flowers at her work. When I arrived at the preschool where Geraldine teaches (flowers in hand) the secretary let me in and smiled when she saw the flowers. The look on her face when she saw me. Perfect. I didn't even give her flowers so I would receive credit and I'm not writing this blog so someone will say "well done". I gave her flowers because I love her and I sympathize with her hurt. It may have been 10 years but I'm sure not a day goes by that she doesn't remember her husband.

I also gave my grandmother flowers. Tears formed in her eyes when she saw them. I wanted to mention the rain we are having today but I knew I couldn't even say the words without crying. Her Valentine is missed by a lot of people and I have to think that God allowed Papa to see me giving her flowers. 

I haven't really even seen my Valentine today but I think this is the best Valentine's Day ever. I enjoyed so much ministering to the hearts of others. I look forward to serving my husband his favorite dinner later and just relaxing with my family. Life is good.