Friday, March 16, 2012

Star Student

At our school, at the end of every 9 weeks each teacher nominates her choice for Star Student. Last year, Ryan was star student for his speech teacher but this year his homeroom teacher nominated him. He was so thrilled!

This is what his teacher had to say about him:

I chose Ryan as start student for many reasons. Each day he enters the classroom, Ryan strives to do his best. He faces each day with a positive attitude. Ryan is an eager participant and a very hard-working student. His behavior is outstanding. Ryan is respectful to his classmates and teachers. He is also willing to help others when needed. Ryan has made a seamless transition into becoming a responsible fourth grade student. He is a positive role model for all CES students.

When Ryan receives awards like this and I hear such sweet sentiments about him, it brings tears to my eyes. I remember when Carson and I were told that our sweet baby boy would be learning impaired and that he likely had down syndrome. Essentially "they" were saying that the odds were stacked against us and he would never be "normal". To "them", I scream, "LOOK AT THIS!" His grades have always been great but what impresses most and makes me heart sing are the words like: strives to do his best, positive attitude, hard working, outstanding behavior, respectful, a help to others, responsible, and role model.

Maybe "they" were right after all. He isn't really normal. He is actually extraordinary. He is wise. He is sweet. He is my son and I am proud of him. The thought that God saw fit for me to be his mother still shocks me. Little ole me, Momma to a child filled with grace.

It makes me happy though that every single person Ryan comes in contact with is blessed by him. All of my friends and my family think the world of him. I just had to share how PROUD I am of this little miracle!